Friday, June 22, 2007

The Cardinal Returns

After disappearing for a couple of weeks, the Cardinal has returned. Two weeks ago he discovered the Toyota after a couple of hours and spent the day admiring himself. Interestingly, he flew from the tree to the running board, then up to the window of the back seat, then to the front seat window, then to the top of the mirror (where he would bend over -- I guess to try to see himself upside down in the mirror) then back to the tree -- staying in each location just for a few seconds. Then he would fly off to the west forest, or off to the east forest, but he would be back again in just a few minutes. He did this all the time we were there.

I took some pictures of him through the screen door. Carol said she had gone out onto the steps and sat there to watch him, and she thought I could photograph him from there, but that didn't work for me AT ALL. As soon as I came through the door he took off and didn't come back even though I waited without moving for a VERY long time.

Last week when we arrived, I whistled his song (sort of) as soon as I got out of the car, and he showed up less than a minute later. His behavior remained the same -- from the tree to the running board, to the back door, to the front door, to the top of the mirror, and back to the tree. Sometimes he perched on the hood and looked in through the windshield. He seems to spend more time on the outside mirror than he did at first, and he is CLEARLY recognizing his mirror image as no threat. I think he knows it is himself.

Several times I stepped to the door and whistled his song through the screen, but each time he fled. Probably can't stand to hear his song butchered the way I do it. He likes to sing while perched on top of the outside mirror -- that seems to be the only location he sings from.

I'm glad to see him back.


Maren said...

That's great! Are you going to name him? I hope he's there this weekend so we can see him.

Disco Mom said...

That is so funny - I love all these shots. I wonder what's going on in his mind.